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Welcome to Tokyo Noise, a graphic and music uploading community run by kikenna & michiyo69. Here you will find icons, wallpapers, headers, mp3 downloads and more. Posting is restricted to maintainers, but please join and friend the community for updates!

Requests will be taken from time to time, so if you want to request anything please join. ♪
If you are interested in joining us as an icon maker and/or uploader, feel free to send a message!

Few small rules...

- No hotlinking any graphics or file links
- Do not claim any graphics as your own
- Credit use for any graphic you take
- Comments = ♥♥
- Textless icons are not bases unless labeled as such
- Do not redistribute graphics anywhere else
- Mp3s are for trial only, if you like them please support the band and buy the CDs!

How to Credit

You can give credit two ways:
→ Credit kikenna or michiyo69 (depending on the maker)
→ Credit tokyo_noise
Preferably in the userpic comments:

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